Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Solstice and Lunar Eclipse

These digital photographs show the progression of the lunar eclipse of December 21, 2010. Taken with a Nikon D5000 equipped with a 400mm lens.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Final Jefferson Presents... Screening 9/25/10

the final show: adam abrams/stephen boyle/greg pierce, tony balko/nick falwell, mike bonello, olivia ciummo, michael johnsen, gary kaboly, brady lewis, dave matthews, tara merenda-nelson, caleb morgan, gretchen neidert, gordon nelson, ross nugent, local treats: orgone archive, greg pierce, brian dean richmond, chris smalley/anna hawkins, tENTATIVELY, a ...cONVENIENCE, and will zavala.

sat. 09/25/10, 9pm In Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks

Monday, September 13, 2010

Super-8 Club screening Thursday, September 16

The Super 8 Club Presents...

The World As We See It: Super 8 Travel Films

Join us for a night of exploration as we screen films made on the journeys of filmmakers from across the USA. Lands both near and far will be discovered as we experience the adventures of travelers who have documented their travels on Super 8 film.

Films by: Saul Levine, Greg Pierce, Gordon Nelson, Adam Abrams, Julianna Schley, Stefan Grabowski, Tara Nelson, Olivia Ciummo and Liz Coffey!

Live Projections under the the courtyard of the Video Underground.

Sponsored by Ula Cafe, City Feed and Supply and Harpoon Brewery (FREE BEER)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tara and Gordon Nelson's MassArt Film Society Screening Program for August 4, 2010

Join us for a night of experimental 16mm and Super 8 films by spouses Gordon and Tara Nelson. This unique film performance features live multiple projections, original sound compositions and kaleidoscopic visuals. Abstractions of nature, autobiography and other-worldly adventures are thematically explored in this program.

(2008,16mm, sound, 2 min.) by Tara Nelson
One day, in Pittsburgh…..

1995-96 (1996, Standard 8mm, silent, 8 min.) by Gordon Nelson
Dreamy meanderings that would show up later in other forms.

Nite Brite (2007, 16mm, silent, 3 min.) by Tara Nelson
Our first Christmas movie.

Crow (2007, 16mm, sound, 4 min.) by Gordon Nelson
Observations of bird behavior w/ some guitar noodling

River (2007, 16mm dual analyst, silent, 4 min.) by Tara Nelson
On the banks of the mighty Allegheny River.

Frankensteined Film (1998, 16mm, sound, 6 min.) by Gordon Nelson
Assembled with found spare parts to make a new monster.

43rd Street Treelapse (Super-8mm triple projection, silent, 3 min.) by Tara Nelson
Our home in Pittsburgh is on 43rd Street. In the backyard you can see the tallest tree in the neighborhood. I shot 36 frames of every façade on the street, while shooting a timelapse of the tallest tree. This film shows a day in the life of 43rd Street.

United Forces (2010, 16mm, silent, 3 min.) by Gordon Nelson

Cloud Study
(2007, 16mm dual analyst, sound, 9 min.) by Gordon Nelson

(2010, Super-8mm, sound, 7 min.) by Tara Nelson
In winter, there is a Summer Place. This movie is dedicated to Gordon and to Bob from WJIB AM Cambridge.

Microdots (1993, 2010, Super-8mm, sound, 4 min.) by Gordon Nelson
Experiments with Zip-a-tone applied directly to the film. The hidden optical soundtrack wasn’t discovered until this year.

Alba (2010, 16mm, silent, 6 min.) by Gordon Nelson

Marathon (2010, Super-8mm, silent, 4 min.) by Tara Nelson

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jefferson Presents... archive of past screenings

The following posts represent 10 years of my involvement with Jefferson Presents..., an independent film screening organization based in Pittsburgh, PA. Adam Abrams, Jim Mueller and I formed JP... in 2000 to fill the void of experimental film exhibition spaces in Pittsburgh. Jefferson Presents... provided a platform to screen our own films, plus the films of many other local and visiting filmmakers. It also enabled us to share over 100 mixed programs of classic experimental films rented from the New York Film-Makers Coop and Canyon Cinema with the Pittsburgh community. Beyond having long-term residencies at several gallery spaces in Pittsburgh, we collaborated with many other institutions including Pittsburgh Filmmakers, the Andy Warhol Museum, the Mattress Factory, the Museum of Modern Art (NYC) and Squeaky Wheel. -GN, July 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jefferson Presents... Past Programs 2009:

103. Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tom DeWitt – “Atmos Fear” (1966, 16mm, color, sound, 5.25 min) "An extraordinary film, which powerfully evokes the feeling of the city, but more important, a film of fine graphic design." -- Lenny Lipton "Things to watch for include: the way DeWitt thinks inside his camera, the use of single-frame techniques to enhance certain images, the lens-integrity in zoom and focusing effects (he borrowed Vanderbeek's equipment to make this film), and the moderate use of solarization (re-exposed/negative print) and multiple exposure. There is a lot to be learned from ATMOS FEAR." -- David Buehler

Jerry Abrams – “Lotus Wing” (1968, 16mm, color & b/w, sound, 16.5 min) The world is recommitting sexual-political suicide by daily insertion of missile-cocks into self-orifices. Complete with ejaculatory delusions, military erections, and the animated virility of Krazy Kat. LOTUS WING spends USA over us all as our lives are spent wiping up the remains of our self-destruct. Probably my last film in this genre.

Victor Faccinto – “Filet of Soul” (1972, 16mm, color, sound, 15.75 min) Faccinto’s award-winning, animated film using paper cut-outs with shocking, explicit content. Part of the incredible Video Vic series.

Victor Faccinto – “Exercise” (1975, 16mm, black and white, silent, 14.5 min) A rephotographic investigation of relationships between literal and visual material. Based on the theme 'spiritual redundancy'. --V. F.

Ken Kobland – “Near and Far/Now and Then” (1979, 16mm, color, sound, 28.5 min) A two-part film, one part unedited camera footage of a late Autumn to Winter woods, and the other a highly manipulated blue-screen re-photography process. Each part mimics the action of the other. Each is involved with a background-foreground, motion-to-still image juxtaposition: with the whole to the part, the arrested moment to the one just gone, the nostalgia of space and time. --K. K.

Alan Berliner – “Everywhere at Once” (1985, 16mm, color, sound, 8.75 min) ... is a musical montage, a synchronized symphony composed from an infinity of elements at hand: piano chords and cable cars, cocktail jazz and broken glass, looney toones and telephones, elephants and xylophones, violins and vultures, orchestra's and roller coasters... A journey in images at the speed of sound. These collages films are drawn from a vast personal library of sounds and images, steadfastly accumulated over many years. This randomly assembled over and over expanding pool of elements serves as the basis for a form of bricolage-- cultural artifacts and residues, odds and ends accumulated over time and transformed into works attempting to bridge a wide range of poetic horizons: the actual with the possible, pre-history with science fiction, magic with science fact, the medium with the message. Ultimately these film documents my need to put that order to my universe, a place burdened by my need to make the puzzle fit the pieces.

Johannes Rosenberger – “Subcutan” (1988, 16mm, color, sound, 20 min) A portrait of Vienna in the "year of remembrance," 1988. A cinematographic approach to the history and obsessions of this town. A glance under the skin of everyday life, searching for the open sores in the soul of this would-be metropolis. The objects found: The old lady listening through the wall. A peep show for Catholics. A couple giving life to child they long for. A song for Kurt Waldheim. Fish from the Danube, crashing against a kitchen wall. The torture of zither playing, etc. A personal statement on my hometown, work close to the traditions of Austrian experimental film. A coughing up and spitting out. -- J.R.

Ross Nugent – “Spillway Study/ Carpe Diez” (2009, 16mm x 3, +, 7 min) A performance for three 16mm projectors using reprinted found footage, colored gels, canned sound. Original footage credit: Tom Diez

102. Saturday, May 30, 2009

William Ault - "The Movie Set" (1964) 16mm, black and white, sound, 10 min My intent is a re-seeing or re-visiting of the set by the camera which was one of the actual cameras used in shooting INTOLERANCE. All optical effects were done in the camera, using high-contrast positive raw film stock. In keeping with the subject, I made the film as a silent film with piano music from a cue sheet used in theaters during screenings of the original Babylonian sequence of INTOLERANCE, so it is not an anachronism... only an acknowledgment to D. W. Griffith, whose vision was 'to make you see'. And that is what I attempted in making the film, using the unbelievable detail and imagery that I found in the photograph of this Movie Set of movie sets. "Should be shown as a veritable study-text in every motion picture class in the country... mimesis on the highest possible level of creative achievement.' -- Gregory J. Markopoulous, judge, 3rd Los Angeles Film-Makers' Festival.

Jerry Abrams - "Eyetoon" (1968) 16mm, color, sound, 8 min "The sea, tranquil and violent, is the ultimate symbol for Jerry Abrams' EYETOON and the ultimate equivalent to making love -- his concern in this short and visually dazzling film. Abrams contrasts the rushing faces of New York and a highway juggernaut with the peaceful joining of bodies in a Gjon Mili-like stroboscopic sequence -- always with a burbling, flashing maelstrom of emotions underlying and double-exposing with the bodies. It is visually lovely, technically first-rate and impossible to ignore. The graphic sex is economically handled." -- John L. Wasserman, San Francisco Chronicle "The film EYETOON would seem to be the perfect synthesis of the metaphysical, spiritual and sexual feelings of a sensitive experimental filmmaker." -- Reverend Earl Shagley

Hollis Frampton - "Matrix" (1977) 16mm, color, silent, 27.45 min "This is a work that is central to the Magellan voyage.There are multiple layers of imagery; (slaughterhouse footage, steel mill footage, imagery of cows in a field, hexagonal shapes apparently punched into the film material) which are all presented simultaneously. The superimposition of what are, I assume, variously filtered layers of colour material which creates a glorious flow of shapes" - Scott MacDonald

Jurgen Reble - "The Golden Gate (Das Goldene Tor)" (1992) 16mm, color, sound, 60 min Weaves together fragments of nature films about insects and reptiles, images from space programs, and astronomy with filmmaker's own footage of human activity from his immediate environment. "The Golden Gate," a term that dates back to pre-Christian mythology, describes the spiritualization and renewal of divine fire by passing through the winter solstice.

101. Saturday, May 30, 2009
Jack Smith - FLAMING CREATURES (1963) 16mm, b&w, sound "[Jack Smith] has graced the anarchic liberation of new American cinema with graphic and rhythmic power worthy of the best of formal cinema. He has attained for the first time in motion pictures a high level of art which is absolutely lacking in decorum; and a treatment of sex which makes us aware of the restraint of all previous filmmakers.

"He has shown more clearly than anyone before how the poet's license includes all things, not only of spirit, but also of flesh; not only of dreams and of symbol, but also of solid reality. In no other art but the movies could this have so fully been done; and their capacity was realized by
Smith." - Film Culture

100. Saturday, April 25, 2009

Victor Faccinto – “Shameless” (1974) 16mm, color, sound, 13.5 min Cut-out puppet animation. Not recommended for gentle sensibilities. Plagued by his redundant existence, Video Vic follows his instincts into an outer space environment, where he is faced with the cruel realities of his linear life.

Peter Gidal – “4th Wall” (1978) 16mm, color, silent, 38.25 min "Gidal's camera movements, are at one level predicated on the sensual lure and the visual pleasure which he derives from the objects looked at (already an aware sublimation of a sexual object onto another even before the film is shot). The camera slowly moves over the beautifully paterned bedspread (or rug, which Gidal chooses because he already finds it visually pleasurable), and even where it encounters objects with no intrinsic implications of beauty, their separation (framing) from their visual and more important, utility, contexts transforms them into 'to be looked at objects.'" --Malcolm LeGrice, Millenium Film Journal

Hollis Frampton – “The Red Gate (Magellan at the Gates of Death Part I)” (1976) 16mm, color, silent, 52 min "In the final format for MAGELLAN, Frampton had planned to disassemble these two films into twenty-four 'encounters with death' that were to be shown in five-minute segments twice a month. In their present state, seen together and roughly the length of an average feature film, the two parts of MAGELLAN: AT THE GATES OF DEATH constitute perhaps the most gripping, monumental, and wrenching work ever executed on film...Frampton in 1971 began his filming of cadavers at the Gross Anatomy Lab at the University of Pittsburgh. He returned to the lab four times over the course of the next two years and then spent nine months assembling his 'forbidden imagery' into an extraordinary meditation upon death."--Bruce Jenkins

99. Saturday, March 28, 2009

David Brooks – “Winter” (1966) 16mm, color, sound, 16.5 min. Locales: Nantucket, Kazakhstan, Grant's Nepal, Colorado, Mt. Kearsange, Iowa, 7th Street. Door golden night room trees fire drip rain blue horse river snow birds green mountain forest dark room mist car trees window ducks are flying. Overtones: Raga Palas Kafi, Grant's, Slug's, Bo Diddley, Jimmy Reed, Raga Rageshri, the wind, Chuck Berry, Marvin Gaye, the Beatles, Piatniksky Chorus.

David Brooks - “Letter To D. H. In Paris” (1967) 16mm, color, sound, 4 min. Stoned people, music, movement, fields.

Michael Wiese – “Messages, Messages” (1972) 16mm, black and white, sound, 23.5 min. A journey of the psyche into the world of the unconscious. This surrealistic film is influenced by Dali, Bunuel and the German expressionists. The film was premiered at the St. Regis Hotel in New York by Salvador Dali and invited to Director's Fortnight at Cannes.

James Benning – “9/1/75” (1975) 16mm, color, sound, 22 min. Twenty-two minute tracking shot through campgrounds in Southern Wisconsin

Pip Chodorov – “Charlemagne 2: Piltzer” (2002) 16mm, color, sound, 22 min
A piano concert by Charlemagne Palestine, filmed on super-8 and optically printed. Each film frame corresponds to a note in the concert; as the music speeds up, photography becomes cinema. The discordant harmonics are translated visually into complementary colors. By representing music visually, the fast flickering creates an orgasm in the optic nerve.

Donna Cameron – “Live Reel I - War Paths Thru Turquoise & Silver” (2005) 16mm, color, silent, 15 min. All films employ a cinematic paper emulsion technique developed by Cameron since 1974 and are handmade, original works. Film begins with primitive carving into handmade paper emulsion of ancient cuneiform glyphs, evolves into painting and drawing of glyphs, them floating type, using digital print-out of helvetica type and concludes with multi-material words: World Trade Alphabet." -- Canyon Cinema catalog

Pip Chodorov – “Faux Mouvements (Wrong Moves)” (2007) 16mm, color, sound, 12 min. Having studied cognitive science and film semiotics, Pip Chodorov (b. 1965) recent films and drawings explore the terrain between the two fields. While aiming to confuse the parts of the brain responsible for the perception of motion (areas VI7 and VI8 of the optical cortex), Chodorov maximizes the potential hypnotic power of repetition and irregularity.

98. Sunday, March 29, 2009
Michael Snow - "La Region Centrale" (1971, 16mm, color/so, 180 min
"This three hour film by the Canadian Michael Snow is an extraordinary cinematic monument. No physical action, not even the presence of man, a fabulous game with nature and machine which puts into question our perceptions, our mental habits, and in many respects renders moribund existing cinema: the latest Fellini, Kubrick, Buñuel etc. For La Région Centrale, Snow had a special camera apparatus constructed by a technician in Montreal, an apparatus capable of moving in all directions: horizontally, vertically, laterally or in a spiral. The film is one continuous movement across space, intercutting occasionally the X serving as a point of reference and permitting one to take hold of stable reality. Snow has chosen to film a deserted region, without the least trace of human life, 100 miles to the north of Sept-Isles in the province of Quebec: a sort of plateau without trees, opening onto a vast circular prospect of the surrounding mountains.

"In the first frames, the camera disengages itself slowly from the ground in a circular movement. Progressively, the space fragments, vision inverts in every sense, light everywhere dissolves appearance. We become insensible accomplices to a sort of cosmic movement. A sound track, rigorously synchronized, composed from the original sound which programmed the camera, supplies a permanent counterpoint.

"Michael Snow pushes toward the absurd the essential nature of this 'seventh' art which is endlessly repeated as being above the visual. He catapults us into the heart of a world before speech, before arbitrarily composed meanings, even subject. He forces us to rethink not only cinema, but our universe." - Louis Marcorelles, Le Monde

La Région Centrale was made during five days of shooting on a deserted mountain top in North Quebec. During the shooting, the vertical and horizontal alignment as well as the tracking speed were all determined by the camera’s settings. Anchored to a tripod, the camera turned a complete 360 degrees, craned itself skyward, and circled in all directions. Because of the unconventional camera movement, the result was more than merely a film that documented the film location’s landscape. Surpassing that, this became a film expressing as its themes the cosmic relationships of space and time. Cataloged here were the raw images of a mountain existence, plunged (at that time) in its distance from civilization, embedded in cosmic cycles of light and darkness, warmth and cold. Michael Snow on La Région Centrale

97. Saturday, January 31, 2009

Steven Dwoskin - "Times For" (1970) 16mm, color, sound, 80 min. TIMES FOR is a larger entry into dream reality. An unfulfilled man renders himself to the unrealized sensuality of four women. In his drifting search he fails and fades in the same loneliness as the women. The film is the reality and a metaphor for the intensities of sexual experience. "... His camera is a never-static instrument of his intrusion into the fantasy/reality of the relationships he is dealing with and forming .... TIMES FOR is one of the few erotic masterpieces." -- program note, National Film Theatre, London

Peter Emshwiller - "Jr. Star Trek" (1969) 16mm, color, sound, 8 min. "Peter and his fifth grade buddies talked me into being a technical advisor and an alien monster for this epic. A must for "Star Trek" fans!" –Ed Emshwiller

Jerry Abrams - "Mainstream" (1968) 16mm, color, sound, 6.5 min. The infinite span of a thought is transformed into spatial-temporal intersects -- to become and become and become and never more or less -- MAINSTREAM is a fresh dip into oblivion -- a confused taste of love -- an expanded glimpse into a micro-moment -- a sliver of mind's motion becoming.

Dan Agnew - "Doppler Effect: Version II" (1968) 16mm, b&w, sound, 5 min. DOPPLER EFFECT began as a severe condensation of my own stock footage in 1967. The original sound track was composed by Duane Hitchings in the Fall of 1967 on the Moog Synthesizer at Pennsylvania Musical Academy. It is a subjective thought piece which really does not lend itself to any description, other than the fact it works damn well when one is stoned.

Hollis Frampton - "Maxwell's Demon" (1968) 16mm, color, sound, 4 min. Homage to the physicist, James Clerk-Maxwell, father of thermodynamics and analytic color theory, whom I have admired. His famous Demon, mythic and microscopic as Spirochaeta pallida, is a perfectly imaginary being who deals entirely in pure energy.

Jefferson Presents... Past Programs 2008:

96. Sunday, December 14, 2008

The 6th not so annual local screening features recent short experimental films by Pittsburgh based filmmakers and artists including Adam Abrams; Tony Balko; Steve Boyle; tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE; Bill Daniel; Gordon Nelson; Tara Nelson; Ross Nugent; Brian Dean Richmond and Rebbyro plus a reading by David V. Matthews and some other surprises. All films presented in the original formats.

95. Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stan Brakhage - "The Dead" (1960), Films by Stan Brakhage: "An Avant-Garde Home Movie" (1961), "Christ Mass Sex Dance" (1991), Walter Ungerer - "Meet Me Jesus" (1966), "Introduction To Oobieland (Oobieland Part One)" (1969), Don Duga - "Jungle Madness" (1967), Peter Gidal - "Silent Partner" (1977), Ken Kobland - "Frame" (1977), James Krell - "Second Thoughts" (1980)

94. Sunday, September 28, 2008
Stan Brakhage: "Blue Moses" (1962), "Tho't-Fal'n" (1978), "Aftermath" (1981), Peter Gidal: "Film Print" (1974), "Condition of Illusion" (1975)

Friday, September 26, 2008
JP RELATED: The FILMS OF DEAN SNIDER at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. A touring program by the San Francisco legend assembled by Douglas Katelus.

93. Saturday, August 30, 2008
Les Blank - "God Respects Us When We Work But He Loves Us When We Dance" (1968), Frank Biesendorfer - "Frauenmuskel" (2001), Peter Gidal - "Room Film 1973" (1973), Peter Gidal - "Heads" (1969)

92. Sunday, July 27, 2008
Massimo Bacigalupo – "V. (For Versus)" (1968), Wallace Berman – "Aleph" (1976), Werner Nekes – "T-WO-MEN" (1972)

91. Saturday, June 28, 2008
Ross Nugent - "In the Presence of an Unintelligible Soothsayer," "Dream Detritus" (2008), Werner Nekes - "Kelek" (1968),
Bill Brand - "Cartoons" (1975)

90. Saturday, May 31, 2008
Nobuhiko Ohbayashi - COMPLEXE (1964), Alfredo Leonardi - ORGANUM MULTIPLUM (1967), Thom Andersen – “ --- ------- “ (1967), Bill Brand - ALWAYS OPEN/NEVER CLOSED (1971), Bill Brand - ZIP-TONE-CAT-TUNE (1972), Werner Nekes – AMALGRAM (1976)

Saturday, May 17, 2008
16mm Films by Pittsburgh Locals Screening at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY
Tony Balko w/ live sound by Nick Falwell– CMNJ X 2 (2008); Mike Bonello w/ live sound by Samuel Gangwish – THE DIRT IS ENTIRELY IN YOUR MIND (2007); Olivia Ciummo – UNTITLED (2007); tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE – HOW ORGONE CINEMA TREATS ITS VISITING FILMMAKERS (1995); Tara Merenda – RIVER (2008); Caleb Morgan – UNTITLED (2007); Gordon Nelson w/ live sound by Jim Lingo – SKULLS AND STARS (2008); Jim Lingo & Gordon Nelson – DOLPHIN (2007); Ross Nugent – THE ONLY SLEIGHT OF HAND TRICK I’VE EVER PERFORMED WAS TO PULL THIS FILM FROM BEHIND YOUR EAR (2007); Greg Pierce – SWEEPSTAKES (BASTARD TITLE) (2005); Brian Dean Richmond – MARSH (1995); Rebbyro w/ sound by Steven X. Boyle – PLAY WITH ME (2007)

89. Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wolf Vostell - SUN IN YOUR HEAD(1963); 20 JULI 1964 AACHEN (1967); STARFIGHTER (1967); NOTSTANDSBORDSTEIN, (1967), Malcolm LeGrice - "Talla" (1968), Tom Palazzolo - "Love It/Leave It" (1973), Werner Nekes - "Hurrycan" (1979), Barbara Hammer - "Pond & Waterfall" (1982), Michelle Handelman - "Safer Sexual Techniques in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" (1988)

88. Saturday, March 29, 2008
Hans Richter -"Everything Turns, Everything Revolves: Excerpt" (1929), Paul Sharits - "Wintercourse" (1962), Ken Jacobs - "Window" (1964), Ken Jacobs - "Airshaft" (1967), Leonard M. Henny - 'The Resistance" (1968), Gordon Payne - "Tantra I" (1969), Jud Yalkut - "John Cage Mushroom Hunting In Stony Point" (1973), Tom Chomont - "The Heavens/Earth" (1978) Tom Chomont - "Minor Revisions" (1979), Tom Chomont - "Razor Head" (1984), Henry Hills - "Money" (1985), Henry Hills - "SSS" (1988)

87. Sunday, February 24, 2008
8th Anniversary Screening
George Kuchar - "The Lady From Sands Point" (1967), "Color Me Shameless" (1967), "Encyclopedia of the Blessed" (1968), "K. Y. Kapers" (1977), "Mongreloid" (1978), Henry Hills - "George" (1988), Marie Losier - "Bird, Bath & Beyond" (2003)

86. Saturday, January 26, 2008
Robert Nelson - "Confessions Of A Black Mother-Succuba" (1965), Robert Nelson and William T. Wiley - "The Off-Handed Jape" (1967), Robert Huot - "Black and White Film" (1968-69), Robert Huot - "Nude Descending the Stairs" (1970), Jon Behrens - "Reflections" (1992), Jon Behrens - "Undercurrents" (1994), Frédé Devaux - "Ellipses' (1999), Frédé Devaux - "Entrecroisées" (1999), Thomas Draschan - 'Metropolen des Leichtsinns" (2000)

Jefferson Presents... Past Programs 2007:

85. Sunday, December 16, 2007

New 16mm films "performed" on analyst projectors by Pittsburgh natives Tony Balko, Mike Bonello, Olivia Ciummo, tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, Tara Merenda, Caleb Morgan, Gordon Nelson, Ross Nugent & Rebbyro AND ‘Irritable Ball’ by Adam Abrams and Greg Pierce with sound by Stephen X. Boyle.” PLUS separate sonic assaults by local musicians Samuel Gangwish and Jim Lingo.

84. October 27, 2007
SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT touring program from Lux UK
Program 1
Annabel Nicolson - Slides (1970), Guy Sherwin - At the Academy (1974), Mike Leggett - Shepherd’s Bush (1971), David Crosswaite - Film No. 1 (1971), Lis Rhodes - Dresden Dynamo (1971), Chris Garratt - Versailles I & II (1976), Mike Dunford - Silver Surfer (1972), Marilyn Halford - Footsteps (1974)

Program 2
Malcolm Le Grice - Threshold (1972), Chris Welsby - Seven Days (1974), Peter Gidal - Key (1968), Stephen Dwoskin -Moment (1968), Gill Eatherley - Deck (1971), William Raban - Colours of this Time (1972), John Smith - Associations (1975)

83. September 29, 2007
Sidney Peterson - MR. FRENHOFER AND THE MINOTAUR (1949), John Hawkins - LSD WALL (1965), Kyo Ozawa - SUTRA (TRIBUTE TO J COLTRANE) (1968), Bill Brand - COALFIELDS (1984), Warren Sonbert - HONOR AND OBEY (1988), Luther Price - SODOM (1989)

82. August 25, 2007

Bruce Baillie - Quick Billy (1970), Larry Gottheim - Blues (1970), Larry Gottheim - Doorway (1971), Standish Lawder - Dangling Participle (1970), Dan Perz - Pull Focus (1974)

81. July 28, 2007
Rudy Albers - Silent Music (1967), Bill Brand - Chuck's Will's Widow (1982), Tom Chomont - Oblivion (1969), James Douglas - Speed Queen (1969), Standish Lawder - Raindance (1972), Warren Sonbert - Carriage Trade (1971)

80. June 23, 2007

Bruce Baillie - Mass For The Dakota Sioux (1964), Bruce Baillie - Quixote (1965), Joyce Wieland - Catfood (1968), David Devensky - Beethoven's Chicken (1970), Rudolph Burckhardt - Caterpillar (1973), Robert Rayher - A Man in the Box (1978), Kathrin Resetarits - Egypt (1997)

79. May 13, 2007

LAST FREE RIDE (1974) directed by Saul Rouda and Roy Nolan. The lost San Francisco hippie houseboat counterculture feature presented by Bill Daniel.

78. April 29, 2007
Mike Dunford - Logical Propositions (1973/74), Guy Fihman - Ultra Rouge Infra Violet (1974), Colen Fitzgibbon - Restoring Appearances To Order In 12 Minutes (197?), Colen Fitzgibbon - Found Film Flashes (1973), Karl Kels - Starlings (1991), Albert Sackl - Vom Innen; von aussen (2006)

77. March 31, 2007
Special guest tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE presented an entire evening of small film gauge (regular and super-8mm) masterpieces from his vast filmography.

76. February 27, 2007


75. January 27, 2007

This program is a collaborative performance of live sound improvisation accompanied by live film projection. Featuring sound by visiting violin/viola/voice improvisor LaDonna Smith (Birmingham, AL), plus Pittsburgh's Steve Boyle, Michael Johnsen, Margaret Cox and tentatively, a cONVENIENCE. Film projections combined unusual cinema and projector performances by the Orgone Archive and Jefferson Presents...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Jefferson Presents... Past Programs 2006:

74. December 10, 2006
Barbara Rubin - CHRISTMAS ON EARTH (1962), Louis Hock - STILL LIVES (1975), Paul Sharits - BRANCUSI'S SCULPTURE ENSEMBLE AT TIRGU JIU (1977/84), George Griffin - LINEAGE (1979), Phil Costa Cummings - HANDMADE (1986)

73. October 21, 2006

MOVIES WITH ROOTS IN HELL – The Effects of Drugs on American Cinema presented by Jack Stevenson.

72. September 22, 2006

Visiting film programmer Stephen Parr, founder of ODDBALL FILMS (San Francisco, CA) Presents "The Subject is Sex Volume 2".

71. August 26, 2006
Tony Conrad - THE EYE OF COUNT FLICKERSTEIN (1967), Scott Bartlett - MEDINA (1972), Bruce Baillie - ROSLYN ROMANCE (IS IT REALLY TRUE?)(1974), Nathaniel Dorsky - ARIEL (1983), Rose Lowder - SCENES DE LA VIE FRANCAISE: PARIS (1986), Timoleon Wilkins - LOS CAUDALES (2004-2005)

70. July 21, 2006
Gunvor Nelson - KIRSA NICHOLINA (1969), John Smith - GIRL CHEWING GUM (1976), Rose Lowder - SCÈNES DE LA VIE FRANÇAISE: PARIS (1986), Matthias Müller - THE MEMO BOOK (AUS DER FERNE) (1989), Matthias Müller - HOME STORIES (1991), James Otis - UPPER BLUE LAKE (1996)

69. June 29, 2006
Visiting filmmaker Bill Daniel (Portland, OR) in person with his experimental documentary film "WHO IS BOZO TEXINO?"

68. May 27, 2006
Alfredo Leonardi - LIBRO DI SANTI ROMA ETERNA (BOOK OF SAINTS OF ETERNAL ROME) (1968) Tom Dewitt -FALL (1971); Rudolph Burckhardt - SODOM AND GOMORRAH, NEW YORK 10036 (1976); Henry Hills -PORTER SPRINGS 3(1977); Gary Doberman – THE MOIETIES (1978); Charles Wright - SORTED DETAILS (1979); Henry Hills -RADIO ADIOS (1982); Carolee Schneeman -VIET-FLAKES (1966); Michael Snow -BREAKFAST (1972-76)

May 7, 2006

Craig Baldwin - WILD GUNMAN (1978); Matthias Müller - ALPSEE (1994); Kurt Kren - 37/78: TREE AGAIN (1978); Suzan Pitt - ASPARAGUS (1978)

67. Saturday, April 29, 2006
John Luther Schofill - XFILM (1966/68), Louis Hock - STUDIES IN CHRONOVISION (1975), Ross Mclaren - CRASH 'N' BURN (1977), Henry Hills - BALI MECANIQUE (1992), Fred Worden - ONE (1998), Barbara Meter - APPEARANCES (1999)

66. Saturday, March 25, 2006
Pittsburgh's own John Allen Gibel and Nathan Kukuslki - BYE BYE PARSIVAL! (2006) - Jeroen Eisinga- AS IT WAS REVEALED UNTO JEROEN EISINGA (1998), Jeroen Eisinga- THE SIXTH SENSE (1994), Bruce Elders- PERMUTATIONS AND COMBINATIONS (1976), Tom Jancar- FOUR STAGES OF CRUELTY (1973), Owen Land- A FILM OF THEIR 1973 SPRING TOUR COMMISSIONED BY CHRISTIAN WORLD LIBERATION FRONT OF BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA (1974), Robert Luttrell-- IMPLOSION (1974), Barbara Meter- DEPARTURE ON ARRIVAL (1996), Suzan Pitt - CROCUS (1972), Paul Sharits-- ANALYTICAL STUDIES II: UN-FRAME-LINES (1971/76), Wim Van Der Linden- PROVO FILMS (3 SAD MOVIES: I LOVE YOU BECAUSE/TULIPS/RAPE)

65. Saturday, February 25, 2006
George Kuchar - KNOCTURNE (1968), THE SUNSHINE SISTERS (1972), A REASON TO LIVE (1976), BLIPS (1979), PRESCRITION IN BLUE (1979), Robert Cowan, MODDLE TODDLE (1967), Stephen E. Gebhart, L.E.Y.& F. PART 4: THE KUCHAR BROS.,

64. Saturday, January 26, 2006
Beverly Conrad co-maker, Tony Conrad - STRAIGHT AND NARROW (1970); Dirk De Bruyn - 223 (1985) Dirk De Bruyn - VISION (1985); Jeroen Eisinga - 40-44-PG (1993) Jeroen Eisinga - POOR SHEEP (1997); Saul Levine - STAR FILM (1968/71); Christopher MacLaine - SCOTCH HOP (1959); Jonas Mekas - CASSIS (1966) Jonas Mekas - THE ITALIAN NOTEBOOK (1967); Barbara Meter FROM THE EXTERIOR (1970); Sidney Peterson - PETRIFIED DOG (1948); Stan Vanderbeek - BREATHDEATH (1964)

Jefferson Presents... Past Programs 2005:

64. Sunday, December 11, 2005
Joyce Wieland - RAT LIFE AND DIET IN NORTH AMERICA (1968); Lloyd M. Williams - TWO IMAGES FOR A COMPUTER PIECE (WITH AN INTERLUDE) (1969); Noll Brinckmann - VERDIGRIS (1982); Owen Land - FILM THAT RISES TO THE SURFACE OF CLARIFIED BUTTER (1968); Michael Mazière - CEZANNE'S EYE (1991); Nicky Hamlyn - FOUR FILMS BY NICKY HAMLYN (1999); James Benning - CHICAGO LOOP (1976); Jonas Mekas - REPORT FROM MILLBROOK (1965/66)

63. Saturday, October 29, 2005
HERE AND NOW (invitational local screening for Pittsburgh filmmakers)
The following Pittsburgh film and video makers accepted an invitation to submit movies in the range of 10 minutes or less for inclusion in this program: Adam Abrams / Tony Balko (w/ sound by Nick Falwell ) / Steve Boyle / Scott Carney / Olivia Ciummo / David Cherry / Ryan Daly / tENTATIVELY , a cONVENIENCE / Eric Fleischauer / Emmett Frisbee / John Allen Gibel / / Jim Lingo / Jesse McLean / Tara Merenda / Jim Mueller / Jeff Morelli / Gordon Nelson / Ross Nugent / Greg Pierce / Joshua Roberts / Becky Rothhaar / Keith Tassick

62. Saturday, September 24, 2005

Films by Murrysville Filmmaker BRIAN DEAN RICHMOND

61. Saturday, August 27, 2005
Takahiko Iimura - DANCE PARTY IN THE KINGDOM OF LILLIPUT NO. 1, A (1964); Jud Yalkut - TURN, TURN, TURN (1965-66); Bruce Baillie - SIX ROLLS; 14/41/43/36/47/52: QUICK BILLY (1968-9); Stephen E. Gebhardt - HERMANN NITSCH - AN INTRODUCTION TO THE O.M. THEATRE (1969); Georges Rey - LA VACHE QUI RUMINE (1970); Frederick Bailey - MONSTER MOVIE (1973); James Cagle - METONIC CYCLES (1974); Vincent Grenier - TREMORS (1984)- Karl Kels 1981-1987; Yann Beauvais - NEW YORK LONG DISTANCE (1994)

60. Saturday, July 30, 2005
Thomas Renoldner -ZEIT RAUM (1998), Thomas Draschan -FRANZISKA (1996), Thomas Draschan -3 FILMS (1998), Thomas Draschan -TO THE HAPPY FEW (2003), Thomas Draschan -YES? OUI ?YA ?(2002), Hans Scheugl -(CALCUTTA) GO (1993), Guy Sherwin - FLIGHT (1998), Edward English with Sun Ra – SPACEWAYS (1974), Frederick Bailey – PHYSIOGNOMY (1973), Scott Bartlett - MOON 1969 (1969)

59. Sunday, June 19, 2005
“Story of a Fructiferous Society” - app. 80 minutes – 2005, “Ledger of St Dermain ” - 6:53 – 2004, “Teenagers from Inner Space” - 13:11 - Dec 2001, “In Perplexing Pursuit of the Prodigy Paleontologist” (version 2) - 17:31 - Oct 1998/Mar 1999, “Peterson’s Restaurant” - 14:56 - 1 st half of 1995, “Grounded!” - 6:00 - May 1995, “ Diszey Spots” - 11:20 – 1993, “Sounds & Symptoms of Leptospirosis ” - 10:50 - 1990

58. Saturday, May 28, 2005
Siegfried Fruhauf - EXPOSED (2000) + MOUNTAIN TRIP (2002), Thomas Steiner - SCHWENK (1998) + ZOCALO (1997), Dietmar Brehm - BLITZE (2000), Malcolm Le Grice - CASTLE ONE, (1966) Lewis Klahr - PONY GLASS (1998), Ed Emshwiller - CAROL (1970), Carl Brown & Rose Lowder - INVITATION AU VOYAGE (2003)

57. Saturday, April 30, 2005
Almost 4 hours of films suffering from the vinegar syndrome, courtesy of Pittsburgh ’s Orgone Archive

56. Saturday, March 26, 2005

55. Saturday, February 26, 2005

THUNDERCRACK! Kuchar Program V
THUNDERCRACK! (1975, 152 min.) Directed by Curt McDowell. 5th anniversary of Jefferson Presents …

54. Saturday, January 30, 2005
Visiting film programmer Andrew Lampert of Anthology Film Archives, NYC. Andrew brought some gems from the vaults.

Jefferson Presents... Past Programs 2004:

53. Saturday, December 11, 2004
Peter Tscherkassky - HAPPY END, Paul Sharits - EPILEPTIC SEIZURE COMPARISON, Bell & Howell Emergency First Aid Films

52. Saturday, November 27, 2004

American International Pictures DOUBLE FEATURE
"Devil’s Angels" (1967, 85 min.) & "Riot on Sunset Strip" (1967, 85 min.) An overdose of psychedelic films co-presented by the Copacetic Comics Co.

51. Saturday, October 30, 2004
TOYS (1966) by Grant Munro, COMMERCIAL (1964) by Richard B. Cheney, H BOMB OVER U.S. (1982) by George Zabriskie , WAR (1968) by Sylvan Markman , PLEASE STAND BY (N.D.) by Unknown, MADGAME (1973) by Corey Allen, SELECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEM (1970) by Warren Haack RAINBOW WAR (1985) by Bob Rogers & Company, Inc., COMMERCIAL (1964/1972) by Richard B. Cheney / Michael Ritchie

50. Saturday, September 25, 2004

Roger Jacoby: FLORIA & L'AMICO, FRIED'S GLAMOROUS FRIENDS plus films by local unemployed filmmakers

49. Saturday, August 28, 2004

Jerry Abrams - BE-IN: 1967, Scott Bartlett - SERPENT, Henry Hills - NORTH BEACH 2 , Peter Kubelka - THE METRIC FILMS ( ADEBAR ,SCHWECHATER ,ADEBAR ), Lenny Lipton - POWERMAN , Rose Lowder -RUE DES TEINTURIERS

48. Saturday, July 31, 2004
Hans Richter - FILM STUDY (FILM STUDIE), Viking Eggeling - SYMPHONIE DIAGONALE, Guy Sherwin - SHORT FILM SERIES, Ken Jacobs - OPENING THE NINETEENTH CENTURY: 1896, Yoichi Takabayashi - MUSASHINO ,Peter Kubelka - PAUSE!, plus Animals & Experiments read by David Matthews and locals Adam Abrams, Steve Boyle, Tony Balko , Jim Mueller & Gordon Nelson

47. Saturday, June 26, 2004
Martin Arnold - PIECE TOUCHE; Ernie Gehr - TABLE, UNTITLED; Rose Lowder BOUQUETS 1-10 ; Paul Sharits T,O,U,C,H,I,N,G; Peter Tscherkassky - PARALLEL SPACE: INTER-VIEW

46. Saturday, May 29, 2004

Brian Dewan treated Pittsburgh to a mesmerizing evening of his handmade filmstrips.

45. Saturday, April 17, 2004

Featuring a movies by contributing artists: Scott Carney, Olivia Ciummo , T. Foley, Jeff Morelli , Jim Mueller, Gordon Nelson, Brian Dean Richmond, and Donald Thalhuber. Email us if you would like to order this exceptional compilation tape for only $10.

44. Sunday, March 28, 2004
Screened films by Fred Drummond, Roger Hammond, James Herbert, Ian Hugo, Malcolm LeGrice , Guy Sherwin, Gordon Nelson, Eric Fleischauer

43. Sunday, February 29, 2004
JP... 4th Anniversary - George Kuchar THE DEVIL'S CLEAVAGE, Mike Kuchar FRAGMENTS

42. Sunday, February 1, 2004

Mike Leggett- SHEPPERD'S BUSH, Malcolm LeGrice - BERLIN HORSE, Rose Lowder - PARCELLE and IMROMPTU, Ron Rice - CHUMLUM, Orgone Cinema's SILENT MOVIE GRATES, Tony Balko , Scott Carney, Adam Abrams, Steve Boyle

Jefferson Presents... Past Programs 2003:

41. Saturday, December 13, 2003
Pittsburgh-Buffalo cinema exchange part 2. Special guest curator Lindsay Sampson brought a collection of new videos to Pittsburgh.

40. Saturday, November 23, 2003
Locals Jim Mueller, Adam Abrams w/ Steve Boyle, Jacob Ciocci of Paperrad Jeff Schreckengost , Lori Felker , PLUS films by Larry Jordan, Rose Lowder and a new video by Matt McCormick

39. Sunday, October 26, 2003


38. Friday, October 17, 2003
Jefferson Presents... visits Squeaky Wheel in Buffalo, NY
Part 1 of a Pittsburgh -Buffalo cinema exchange program. JP... brought some recent films and videos made in Pittsburgh to show the nice people of Buffalo NY . Including works by: Adam Abrams w/ Steve Boyle, Anonymous, Mike Bonello, Scott Carney, Olivia Ciummo ,tENTATIVELY , a cONVENIENCE , T. Foley, Emmett Frisbee, Jesse McLean, Jim Mueller, Gordon Nelson, Greg Pierce.

37. Sunday, September 13, 2003

JJ Murphy - PRINT GENERATION plus, Jim Mueller, Adam Abrams w/Steve boyle , Berkeley Home Protest Movies.

36. Saturday, August 23, 2003

Presented in collaboration with The Mattress Factory. A selection of Stan Brakhage's 8mm "home movies" from the sixties.

35. Saturday, July 12, 2003

A wild and wooly batch of short black and white cinema subjects from about 1930-1950.

34. Thursday, June 5, 2003

Lee presented a beautiful program of hand processed 35mm movies called the BIG FILM SERIES

33. Friday, May 30, 2003

Presented in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Museum. Titles included MING GREEN, PSYCHE, BLISS and HIMSELF AS HERSELF.

32. Saturday, April 19, 2003

New short films and videos by LOCAL Pittsburgh FOLK including: Adam Abrams, Brandon Aungst, Steve Boyle, Scott Carney, Olivia Ciummo, tENTATIVELY , a cONVENIENCE, Eric Fleischauer, Damon Hamm, Alan Lewandowski, Jim Lingo, Jim Mueller, Gordon Nelson, Brian Dean Richmond, Becky Rothhaar ...PLUS found films WIND, OUR FIRST PATIENT, MORTAR AND PESTLE and an untitled video with some guy being assaulted by a donkey

31. Wednesday, March 19, 2003

16mm insect films from the Orgone Cinema Archive, plus more from the Jefferson Collections.

30. Saturday, March 1, 2003
KUCHAR BROTHERS IV 3rd Anniversary of JP...
Mike Kuchar : THE SECRET OF WEDELL SAMSON (1966, 33.5 min.), TALES OF THE BRONX (1974, 16min.), George Kuchar : ASCENSION OF THE DEMONOIDS (1986, 46 min.), Jeff Morelli : WOODBUNNY: LITTLE TREASURES OF LOVE. First screening at Garfield Artworks.

29. Saturday, January 25, 2003

featuring films by Marie Menken (VISUAL VARIATIONS ON NOGUCHI, HURRY! HURRY !, EYE MUSIC IN RED MAJOR) and Willard Maas (MECHANICS OF LOVE, ORGIA) Final screening at Backward on Forward.