Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tara and Gordon Nelson's MassArt Film Society Screening Program for August 4, 2010

Join us for a night of experimental 16mm and Super 8 films by spouses Gordon and Tara Nelson. This unique film performance features live multiple projections, original sound compositions and kaleidoscopic visuals. Abstractions of nature, autobiography and other-worldly adventures are thematically explored in this program.

(2008,16mm, sound, 2 min.) by Tara Nelson
One day, in Pittsburgh…..

1995-96 (1996, Standard 8mm, silent, 8 min.) by Gordon Nelson
Dreamy meanderings that would show up later in other forms.

Nite Brite (2007, 16mm, silent, 3 min.) by Tara Nelson
Our first Christmas movie.

Crow (2007, 16mm, sound, 4 min.) by Gordon Nelson
Observations of bird behavior w/ some guitar noodling

River (2007, 16mm dual analyst, silent, 4 min.) by Tara Nelson
On the banks of the mighty Allegheny River.

Frankensteined Film (1998, 16mm, sound, 6 min.) by Gordon Nelson
Assembled with found spare parts to make a new monster.

43rd Street Treelapse (Super-8mm triple projection, silent, 3 min.) by Tara Nelson
Our home in Pittsburgh is on 43rd Street. In the backyard you can see the tallest tree in the neighborhood. I shot 36 frames of every fa├žade on the street, while shooting a timelapse of the tallest tree. This film shows a day in the life of 43rd Street.

United Forces (2010, 16mm, silent, 3 min.) by Gordon Nelson

Cloud Study
(2007, 16mm dual analyst, sound, 9 min.) by Gordon Nelson

(2010, Super-8mm, sound, 7 min.) by Tara Nelson
In winter, there is a Summer Place. This movie is dedicated to Gordon and to Bob from WJIB AM Cambridge.

Microdots (1993, 2010, Super-8mm, sound, 4 min.) by Gordon Nelson
Experiments with Zip-a-tone applied directly to the film. The hidden optical soundtrack wasn’t discovered until this year.

Alba (2010, 16mm, silent, 6 min.) by Gordon Nelson

Marathon (2010, Super-8mm, silent, 4 min.) by Tara Nelson

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