Sunday, February 24, 2013

My super-8 film FEATHER is touring around

After appearances at the Chicago 8: Small Gauge Film Festival and Toronto's 8 Fest, Feather (2008) is now on a mini-tour of the west coast as part of a program entitled Small Poetry: Recent Highlights of the Small Guage Film Festival curated by Karen Johannesen. Screenings will be in San Francisco at Artists Television Access on February 24 and the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles on March 2.

Feather by Gordon Nelson (5 min, Super 8mm, sound with mag stripe, 2008)

Feather is a mysterious cine-transmission obtained via aleatory and collage. The movie begins as a backyard nature film that disobeys logical time. A found-footage psychodrama interrupts without warning and a strange carnival also makes an appearance. The soundtrack was made on a misbehaving old Arp synthesizer. The is my final film made with Kodachrome. (GN)

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